Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Facial Plastic Surgery

Scientists and medical researchers, stem cells offer new ways to treat health problems and believe there is a hot topic. The body's master cells, these cells have the ability to renew themselves as right and damaged tissue. This power and almost all adult tissues, its presence in the charlotte plastic surgeon is a big advantage. Where are you looking for a more youthful appearance in facial plastic surgery patients in the use of stem cells.

In the age of a person's body fat stem cells is one of the largest reservoirs. In the face of a fat cell is a stem cell transfusion and transfer back the clock on aging provides an aesthetic benefit. Basic science is not yet clear, however, fat transfers, transfer of fatty tissue growth factors and molecular signals are carried along in the cells, more youthful appearance and to work together again.

Anti-aging benefits of using a load cell and asked the master, but sometimes it is more invasive than traditional procedures. Stomach, such as fat cells, taken from parts of the body, and they develop a blood supply and the opportunity to update you on the face can be changed - thus allowing the appearance of youth. Recovery time may be shorter in time than a traditional face lift.

Facial rejuvenation procedures, such as a stem cell transplant, in order to identify changes in topography in the face of an artistic approach and special attention is required for a charlotte plastic surgeons. Best to you a comprehensive and unique program of rejuvenation facial plastic surgery consultation is important in determining a reliable

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